Arsenal Arms Strike 1 Speed Pistol 9mm

$2,450.00 inc GST

Arsenal Firearms Strike 1 Speed


Item is restricted for purchase throughout Australia to those with appropriate firearms license and acquisition permit.  Please ‘Enquire Now’ for current details on registration process.  Additional freight charge may apply for delivery.

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    Arsenal Firearms Strike One Speed.

    This pistol is touted as the fastest gun in the world, and there’s good reason for it. The Strike One SPEED features the world’s lowest possible barrel, which drastically reduces the amount of recoil generated.

    This makes it the ideal choice for IPSC competitors, as the decreased recoil allows for quicker, more accurate shots. In addition to its low barrel design, the Strike One SPEED also features a unique rail system.

    This rail system allows for a variety of accessories to be attached to the pistol, making it even more versatile.

    The Strike One SPEED is not just a powerful weapon; it’s also a reliable one. It’s constructed from the highest quality materials and has been tested for extreme conditions. It’s built to last and won’t let its users down when it matters most.


    FIREARM TYPE:          Semiautomatic pistol, striker fired.
    CALIBER:                       9 MM LUGER
    LOCKING SYSTEM:     Short recoil – operated with vertical locking block AF SPEEDLOCK®.
    TRIGGER:                       Single action only.
    SAFETIES:                      Trigger and firing pin safety.