Bettinsoli X-Trail 12Ga Trap Shotgun 12mm Rib and Adj Stock

$2,595.00 inc GST

Bettinsoli S-Trail Trap 12ga 12mm Rib


Item is restricted for purchase throughout Australia to those with appropriate firearms license and acquisition permit.  Please ‘Enquire Now’ for current details on registration process.  Additional freight charge may apply for delivery.

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    Mid-Height Rib

    This fine example of the Bettinsoli X-trail Trap shotgun, comes with a 12mm high rib, helping you keep your head and eyes up for better target acquisition.

    Adjustable Stock

    The Right-hand Mote Carlo style factory stock design will suit many, but this comb will allow you to precisely fit the gun to your needs.

    Detailed, Visually Striking Engraving 

    The pictures are an accurate representation – engraving on each Bettinsoli X-Trail Trap shotgun is exquisite. Detailed engraving perfectly complements your gun with a gold inlay clay target on the underside and the accompaniment of a gold trigger.

    Palm Swell

    For reduced fatigue and to promote easier handling, the X-Trail T features a checkered palm swell on its stock.  

    Improved Recoil Pad

    Shoot for longer and increase the accuracy of follow up shots with Bettinsoli X-Trail T improved recoil pad. This feature dramatically reduces felt recoil, limiting discomfort, fatigue – and even bruising.   

    New Case Design

    Protecting your Bettinsoli X-Trail Special just got a whole lot better. The new case design is incredibly functional, looks good, and offers improved protection for your new favourite shotgun. 


    Bettinsoli shotguns are made in Italy. 

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