Chiappa M6 Survival Gun


22LR/12G combination rifle
(available separately are X-Calibre inserts to enable you to shoot pistol calibres out of the shotgun)


Item is restricted for purchase throughout Australia to those with appropriate firearms license and acquisition permit.  Please ‘Enquire Now’ for current details on registration process.  Additional freight charge may apply for delivery.

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    The Chiappa M6 folding survival gun is perfect for outdoorsman, ranchers, pilots or anyone who needs a portable, rugged and reliable rifle/shotgun combination.
    Based on the original M6, Chiappa’s improved version has updated features to meet the needs of today’s shooters and is available in 12ga/.22lr COMBINATION.
    All new models have interchangeable choke tubes for maximum versatility. Barrels can be fired quickly and selectively, each having its own trigger.
    The M1 carbine style rear sight and fiber optic front sight make aiming either barrel quick and accurate, even in low light.
    Receiver mounted Picatinny rails on the top and sides allow for mounting optics, lights, lasers or other accessories.
    The durable yet lightweight skeletonized metal buttstock surrounds a polypropylene closed cell foam insert specifically molded for the Chiappa M6. This foam insert is designed to hold three 12 gauge shells and five .22 rimfire cartridges so ammo is always available and ready.
    A cleaning kit that stores neatly in the stock is included. The M6 easily breaks open and folds in half by pushing down on the trigger guard, making transport and storage easy for any situation. Chiappa’s X-Caliber 12ga or 20ga Adapter Sets are perfect for use with the Chiappa M6.

    Barrel Length: 470mm (18.5″)
    Overall Length: 879mm (34.6″)
    Weight: 2.6kg (5.8lbs)



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