Marlin Dark Series

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Marlin Dark Series Rifles


Item is restricted for purchase throughout Australia to those with appropriate firearms license and acquisition permit.  Please ‘Enquire Now’ for current details on registration process.  Additional freight charge may apply for delivery.

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    Remington Made Marlin Dark Series

    The speed and accuracy of Marlin lever actions blacked-out and tricked out for the modern hunter. The Marlin Dark Series rifles feature a stealthy-tough black matte Parkerized finish and a black-webbed hardwood stock, with a host of performance enhancements, including a threaded barrel, big-loop lever and XS Lever Rail with ghost ring
    peep that also accommodates a wide variety of optics.

    Dark Series Rifles come in the 1894 format for .357m and .44m, and 1895 format for the .444 and 45/70


    • 16.25″ Barrel
    • Parkerized finish
    • Paracord Sling
    • XS Lever Rail
    • Big Loop Lever wrapped with Paracord
    • Black ‘Webbed’ Stock
    • Threaded Muzzle


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    .357 Magnum, .44 Rem Mag, 444 Marlin, 45/70