Nirey KE198 Electric Knife Sharpener

$220.00 inc GST



Domestic Electric Knife Sharpener

The Nirey KE198 Sharpener is a versatile home knife sharpening appliance designed to sharpen all types of knives. With solid construction, you will gain many years of domestic use from this machine. If you struggle to keep your knife blades sharp enough to be useful for your daily tasks, then this little beauty is designed for you.

If you are sick of throwing away knives as they become dull and useless, then perhaps changing your strategy is on the cards? When you own an electric knife sharpener that allows you to keep your knife blades ready for use, then you will undoubtedly stop wasting money on cheap knives.

Invested in expensive knives? Struggling to keep them sharp using the steel provided? This product is the perfect solution for those who have invested in good quality knives and are unsure of the correct sharpening techniques with whetstones and steels. Discover how easy it is to protect your investment and keep your blades sharp and safe to use with the Nirey KE198.