SAKO Quad Varmint Wood

SAKO Quad Varmint Wood

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    The Sako Quad Varmint is an excellent choice for hunting and bench-rest target shooting with its flat-bottomed extra wide fore-end and heavier barrel. You will find that the Sako Quad is no ordinary rimfire, it is a small bore hunting and training firearm that functions as its own system, complete with several options to choose between.

    Interchangeable barrels

    Sako’s trailblazing innovation and out-of-the-box thinking lead to the design of interchangeable barrels. The barrel change on a Sako Quad only takes a few seconds: just insert a tool, turn it 3 full circles, and tilt the barrel upwards while pulling out the action. Then simply insert another barrel, and change calibre if you wish. This makes the Sako Quad extremely versatile – and its accuracy is phenomenal. Corresponding barrels have individual serial numbers.

    Versatile Sako Quad, available in the following Calibres:






    Technical Specifications

    Overall length 1025 mm (40 3/8′)

    Barrel length 560 mm (22′)

    Weight 3.5 Kg (7 3/4 Lbs.)

    Length of pull 345 mm (13 1/2′)


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