Swarovski DS 5-25×52 P 4Ai Gen 2

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Swarovski dS 5-25×52 4Ai

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The dS rifle scope also relies on digital intelligence to display relevant hunting data. The dS electronically processes all the information on conditions that affect the hunt, such as location, weather, distance, angle to the target, type of ammunition and firearm – and that in real time.

It automatically calculates the factors that traditionally have to be kept in mind when the hunter is taking aim and shows them on the display. The additional digital functions mean shooters have fewer factors to consider, so they can concentrate on what really matters: the target.

Whether to pull the trigger, and thus release a shot, or not is a decision that you may now base on more information, because the dS Gen. II can also display ballistically relevant data:

  • bullet velocity,

  • flight time to the target point,

  • knock-down power or

  • set wind speed.

The additional data makes it easier to hit the target. The focus lies on achieving great results without stress.