TIKKA T3x Varmint Stainless

TIKKA T3x Varmint Stainless


Item is restricted for purchase throughout Australia to those with appropriate firearms license and acquisition permit.  Please ‘Enquire Now’ for current details on registration process.  Additional freight charge may apply for delivery.

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    TIKKA T3x Varmint Stainless

    The Tikka T3x Varmint Stainless delivers consistent accuracy, be it at the range or on the plains. The free-floating barrel of the Tikka T3x Varmint effectively eliminates vibration, offering solid accuracy performance round after round, and will not overheat even during a fast paced varmint hunt. Its synthetic stock has an extra wide fore-end for benchrest shooting, and the swivel stud accommodates a bipod or a sling. The ergonomically designed Varmint cheek piece with a large scope provides for a comfortable head position. All Varmint models come standard with a 5- or 6-round magazine.


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    22-250, 223, 243, 308

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