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Since 2016, Hall’s Firearms has been a proud supporter of a unique Townsville Charity event the, Col Hill Memorial – Shoot for a Cause.

This is a collaborative event between SSAA Townsville and Townsville Cleveland Bay Lions Club.  To date, we have raised in excess of $15,000 for, primarily, local community charities.  As an open, novelty style event, it has given hundreds of people the opportunity to participate in many facets of shooting sports.  In small teams of friends or work colleagues, participants shoot rimfire rifles, handguns, shotguns and air rifles, in a safe, relaxed environment.

The Shoot for a Cause has been an avenue for many non-shooters to experience target shooting under the supervision of local club members.  In some cases, this has been the catalyst for individuals and families to progress through and obtain Firearms Licences themselves.  Those that haven’t taken the route to membership, have still left the event with new appreciation for what the shooting sports are about, and importantly, those of us, that choose to enjoy them on a regular basis.  For existing shooters, it provides an opportunity to try disciplines you may not have given a go yet, or just to show your stuff.

October 27th, 2019 will be the fourth year this event will take place.  Hall’s Firearms will again be there as event sponsor to do our part to support local shooting community, but also to contribute to the wider Townsville and North Queensland community.  If you are in Townsville, or planning a visit to the city, we would encourage you to get your friends/family together, and head on out to the SSAA Townsville facility at Hervey Range.  Nomination forms and further information is available here , so why not join in, and do something special for yourself and help raise the profile of our sport.