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Hi Everyone, time for some news as to the upcoming products for Spring.  This also includes some updates on much awaited firearms.

Savage  A22RF

Importer advises the crew at the Savage factory have been hard at work, knocking these little beauties out for the Australian market since its approval in several states.  Current advice is we should see them some time in October.  Check them out here.

Marlin 1894 Big Loop

Stock of the awesome range of Stainless Steel Marlins are on their way to each of our stores.  These versatile and hard hitting lever action rifles are presented ready to go for many applications.  Available in 38/357 magnum in laminated and synthetic stocks, as well as the big .44 magnum, for just a little more punch.  Check them out here.

Desert Eagle 1911G Matte Black

We have just received the latest batch of this excellent example of the classic 1911 pistol.  Including all the same features that have made the stainless version so popular, its well worth  checking out.

Come in and Check Us Out

Just a few of the things happening in our stores, but there is always something new (or old) and exciting to have a look at and draw inspiration from.  Be sure to drop in and have a look around whenever you are in any of our 3 great locations.