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As the shooting world attempts to get back up and running, most SSAA clubs in Queensland have been operating for licenced members in a reduced capacity for a few weeks.  The Townsville branch is allowing casual shooting with some particular restrictions at it’s facility at Hervey Range.

One of the requirements for participation at the range has been to produce a ‘Temporary Single Use Form 20’ which has been completed with your details, and bring it along, with the correct money for fees etc, and then to sign in the presence of the Range Officer of the day, with your own pen.  These forms were originally posted on their website, but due to issues regarding that site and some maintenance issues, this has not been available for a while.

To help out we have attached a dowloadable copy of the Form 20 for our Townsville customers at the bottom of this post.  The management committee have also posted this form on their new Facebook Group, and we would encourage all those wishing to stay informed on the status of the range to Join the SSAA Townsville Group.

We hope that these additional precautions will not last for too much longer, but at least we can still get out and enjoy our chosen sport in the beautiful North Queensland winter.  Thanks also to the SSAA committee for permission to share this information.

Temporary Single Use Form 20