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Hi all, and welcome to the Winter edition of the Hall’s/O’Reilly’s What’s New.

Big News

Word just in that the new Savage A22RF in its many derivatives has been approved for import by customs.  At this stage it is anticipated to arrive about September this year.  All our stores will be getting a limited supply of each.  Get yourself to the top of the list to own one of these little beauties, contact your store or hit up this link, and put your deposit in the system.

Internet is Cool, but Phone can still be King

We are all very good these days at finding out what we need to know through the web.  There is an abundance of information available on every subject.  It is important to remember however that much of the stuff we may find doesn’t or can’t apply to us here in Australia.  That’s when its time to jump on the phone and talk to the gang at your local store.  Our people have literally decades of experience in many areas of shooting sports, reloading and hunting.  They can often save you both time and money as you progress along your shooting adventures.  So, pay attention to where the info you get comes from, make some notes (model numbers can help) and get in touch with the people who know (or can find out).   Better yet, come and see us in store.